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Quality Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen Remodeling

DP Builders specializes in kitchen remodeling including kitchen expansion and opening up the room to allow for enhanced flow and increased functionality. An upgraded, open kitchen can make the time spent preparing meals much more enjoyable. From top top bottom we can transform your kitchen into a modern space that the family will love.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are an amazing way to upgrade your kitchen to a much more modern look at feel. In fact, kitchen cabinets are also an excellent way to incorporate base colors into your kitchen. With virtually endless color options for your new kitchen cabinets we at DP Builders are confident that we can select the best suited style of kitchen cabinets and color to fit your home.

Cabinet Hardware

Installing new kitchen cabinets just wouldn’t be the same without stylish hardware to go along with them. Cabinet hardware includes everything from knobs, handles and hinges. There is a wide array of kitchen cabinet hardware available on the market with various styles that could add subtle character to your kitchen. From European Bar Pulls, Old World handles, brass and Satin Steel handles and knobs, DP Builders will help guide you through the various options that would accent the style of cabinets we install in your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

Not only do kitchen countertops receive regular and occasionally rough usage, when carefully selected, they can be a great focal point in any kitchen. Regardless of whether you’re completely renovating your kitchen or just looking to make specific upgrades, new kitchen countertops can instantly take years off the appearance of your kitchen.

A great way to begin the process of choosing the best countertop material is by selecting the type of finish you’d like to have. In most cases, a polished finish comes highly recommended for kitchen countertops as it enhances the beauty of the natural color of the stone.


Kitchen Sinks

Many sinks that were installed years ago are often small and shallow making it difficult to use. However, you also want a sink that is not only functional and spacious, but that reflects the the rest of the kitchen. There are many different styles of kitchen sinks to choose from including apron-front, standard & trough kitchen sinks.

Once we decide on the style sink that is best suited for your kitchen, selecting the proper material is equally important. With options ranging from Acrylic, Fireclay, Stainless Steel and Enameled Cast Iron, there are styles and materials for every home.

For a quality kitchen renovation in Napa & Solano Counties that you’ll enjoy for years to come, contact DP Builders for a consultation. Your new kitchen will look outstanding.

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